Ross Gunnison 3 and two extra spools, all mint condition

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Richard E

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A Ross Gunnison 3 and two extra spools. The reel is in mint condition, and the spools look like new.

Here is what the Feather-Craft catalog says about these reels "Flawless performance, fresh or saltwater. This reel has never failed anyone anywhere.

The Fly Shop catalog says "This has been The Fly Shop's most popular and reliable reel for more than a decade. The Gunnison is the standard for quality, dependability, and performance. It remains one of the best choices that can be made for both fresh and saltwater."

These are great, lightweight, dependable reels. The spool turns on a stainless steel spindle that has sealed, enclosed ball bearings (read: no maintenance or worry about sand or saltwater gumming up your bearings). The reel weighs 5.1 ounces, so it would even balance out a 5 weight. But, it's big enough for a 7 weight. It has a 3.5" diameter spool, so it can crank in some lines.

Package retail is $394 (Reel: $220, spools $87 each). You can buy this package for $225 (basically, you get two free spools!).

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