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In the April 2013 issue of BC Outdoors, the Lake Fishing Issue, Phil Rowley profiled this pattern which at that time was called the ASB III. Since then I have stopped using anti static bag to tie some of my chironomids due to the new colour of gunmetal flashabou which is much more troublefree to tie with.

During my years at Tunkwa Lake I endured some summers with severe algae blooms and White Uni Stretch, my usual gill material, seemed to be an algae magnet and not wanting to tie too many patterns with white beads I needed an alternative. I started using white Tulip Fabric Paint and covering it with Sally Hansens and that became an instant success and I could tie most of my patterns with whatever coloured bead I chose. I prefer black beads, real black beads and talked Canadian Llama, my main supplier, into having the factory put an extra coat of black paint on the beads.

On this particular pattern I use one rib of Hareline Hollow Tubing and one rib of red Ultra wire but the particular works just as well with two wire ribs, one black and one red. The only other roadblock is deciding how many strands of flashabou to use and for the size 12 scud hook in the photo I used three strands.

Since that article was published I've received several heartwarming e-mails from fellow flyfishers who have had some wonderful days with that pattern and that is all the thanks required. It is what keeps me motivated towards tying and developing new chironomids every year.

Hi JohnK-

Another pattern that Rowley featured is the Static Interrupter that also uses either ASB or gunmetal flashabou. Is that one yours as well? I tie it with ribs of olive flexi-floss and fine red wire over gunmetal flashabou. It's been consistent for me when a hatch is obviously in progress.

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