Stump Lake Limey


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Stump Lake lies beside Highway 5A between Merritt and Kamloops BC and has a reputation for growing large rainbows along with a healthy kokanee fishery. I used to fish it every April as it was always the first lake in the region to ice off and the fish could be found shallow chasing feed on the shoals that later in the season would get choked out with weeds.

The Stump Lake Limey is a chironomid pupa pattern I developed to target the kokanee and it was fairly successful but in the years since then it has become a valuable pattern for rainbows. I moved to Tunkwa Lake in 1999 and I could be found on the lake on opening day every spring. In 2000 I slipped my pram into the water and off I went. It was May 1st and the ice had come 15 days earlier so I was hoping the surface temps had warmed up enough to bring on some good hatches. It didn't take long to find the answer as 50 yards into the lake I saw my first pupal shuck and it was a bomber! Best imitated with a size 10 2xl I started noticing several adults emerging so I anchored up on my favourite shoal and started fishing #10 blacks and as I waited for the action to commence I noticed some size 18 charteuse pupa emerging as well. It took a while but eventually I landed a decent sized fish and upon pumping the esophagus I realized why the action was so slow for me. The fish were keying on the tiny lime coloured pupae and weren't touching the black bombers.

Not having anything in size 18 I tied on my size 14 Stump Lake Limey and had some great action for the next four hours. In the years since I have caught brookies, browns and tiger trout on this pattern. Definitely worthwhile having a couple in your box!

I tie one almost exactly the same for fishing Edith in the spring John .
The difference between yours and mine , is that I use brown wire for the rib .

Don`t tell anybody it works though .:D