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Hello friends. It has been a while since I visited and posted.

I suppose there is no way for any of you to know this, but some years ago, I threw together a little website for friends, which I call the Seattle Outdoor Guide. It has become quite popular, especially this page:

I am updating the WA Fishing Reports and Guides pages on this site in order to share some of the local fishing resources that have become an integral part of my angling hobby. Of course, I include WFF.

I was curious what online resources have become indispensable for your fishing adventures. Here are a few of mine:

- Google Maps on my computer and phone
- WashingtonLakes Latest Fishing Report
- TideGraph app
- WDFW website
- USGS River Flows
- Dick's Sporting Goods

If you know any exceptional guides or retailers, I'd love to hear about them and I may write about them - give them some well deserved recognition and maybe some additional business.

Tight lines - hope you are all staying warm. I have stowed away my fishing gear until the Spring.

Get your fishing gear out, they are taking some offerings on some of our lakes.

Not sure if it goes into your category of indispensable but it sure is a fun site to look at knots that are very handy to most of us and many others. I love the animation.

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With all the free maps out there I just usually use my Gazette. I have the Nat Geo disc's of all 50 states. I also have several like the Google Maps. But I only look at them after I'm home to see where I was. I've always been a map nut, I use them to go where I want to go.
I have a WA Gazetteer in my car, but the the resolution isn't fine enough to see some of the details that I want. The topo maps at mytopo usually will have old logging roads or hiking trails drawn on them as well. That website is a rabbit hole for me, I'll go in to look at one thing and only come back out a couple hours later wondering what the hell happened, but knowing a lot more about a certain area.

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