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Brian Berry's (Teton Valley Lodge) bullethead modification of Nick Nicklas' Sunken Stone, which is a variation of the Mikulak Sedge, which may have been a modification of the original Hegdehog fly, and so on, and so on......

hook - TMC 5263 #2
thread - UTC 140 hot orange
tail - 2mm foam black
body - dubbing rusty orange/brown
wings - deer hair high-tie style
legs - rubber brown
head - deer hair

mash down barb and attach thread at head (gap width)

clean, stack and measure (approx 1/2 shank length) a healthy clump of deer hair

two soft loops right behind the hook eye; pull firmly and let it spin, trim butts

wrap back to point above barb, taper end of foam (approx gap width), tie in

brush shank with Super Glue, tie down foam, fold tag end over to create egg sac, tie down and smooth with thread wraps

dub thread, dub body to hook point

clean, stack and measure (a bit beyond egg sac) a clump of deer hair

tie in, pull up butts and take wraps of thread through them to secure; trim butts and smooth with thread

dub second section (same size as first)

clean, stack and measure (let the tips extend almost, but not quite to the end of first wing) second clump

lather, rinse, repeat


once more

push hair at head back with finger (try to ensure even distribution around hook)

pull fibers back over body and tie down

trim out hair underneath

tie in legs

whip, SHHAN



Nicklas Sunken Stone


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