For those near Tri Cities;

Seth Tyson

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I will be spending the latter half of next month in Pasco. If anyone is in need of a fishing buddy let me know. I have never been to the area and would like to check out some of the fishing options near by.

Thanks in advance,
I might be moving there for work as well, will know later next week. Definitely down to fish with ya if I end up down there though, since i know maybe 2 people from the area.

Seth Tyson

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I have a spot I want to check out on sunday (most likely) if anyone is interested, otherwise I will be in Pasco for the next two weeks.

David Dalan

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I'm probably shot this weekend (moving a relative), but I'm game. You thinking still waters? I'm mostly done hassling the steelhead left around, and springers are a bit away still.
ok so in kennewick now... Went and looked at the Walla Walla, running high and vis was poor so did not hassle any of the over-wintering summers. Any suggestions for a swinging/steelhead junkie that is down here? Besides wait for Oct. and the JD/GR/Snake.

WDFW regs for Ringold hatchery are confusing, is it only opened for swinging form the bank/wading Apr 1-15th? Also, any suggestions for swinging springers would be much appreciated and could repay with beer/gas$

so far just waiting for crab creek to open and shad in june