Spokane Falls Trout Unlimited - March Chapter Meeting

Anyone who fishes the Spokane River is invested in the preservation of the river's native Redbands, and our speaker Tim Vore, of Avista Utilities, will be sharing the latest information on their Spokane River Redband studies. A study in 2008 found that the local Redband trout population fell to under 1200 a lot of work has been done since then.

Tim's work includes His work includes the 2012 study of Redband Trout Spawning and Fry Emergence Study in the Spokane River, and Avista's 2013 Fishery Protection and Enhancement plan in the Spokane River watershed.

Join us March 4th at Longhorn BBQ, 2315 N. Argonne Rd.

The presentation starts at 7:00pm

Disclosure: I tried to locate rules on a posting non profit events and could not locate any information. If their is a problem with this please let me know.

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