Pattern Black & red simi seal leech

Oh yeah, great fly! I tie something very similar without a bead. And of course I tie a bazillion of the one Ira described above. In fact, I think ill tie up a few right now


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Great pattern. John Rohmer, who makes AZ Simi Seal, once told me that Red/Black is his best selling dubbing by far. Something about that color combo that gets the fish going. I've caught hundreds of smallmouth and trout on it.


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A go to bug and have close patterns in my fly box whether spring, fall and winter. Great searching pattern.
My preference adding weight leech style weighted wraps as don't seem to have as much success with beads in still water. Maybe a dark colored bead in moving water.
Like you said Cole, adding movement better yet, soft wet hackle, bunny, or marabou.
Black and red great good colors this time of year.
I too have never had great success with beads. At least for patterns I plan to cast and retrieve. Everything I fish under a indicator pretty much always has a bead for weight.
Have you watched John Rohmer tie his pattern? He doesn't dub or use a loop, more of a twist method. Here's the video or the link if that doesn't work. I like these in brown and tied sparse. I also have some tied in a loop and am more successful with his method.

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