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I made it out yesterday for my first ever day chasing cuts on salt with a fly rod. Golfman44 took me out in exchange for steelhead (and then as it turned out stillwater information). I landed one in the first spot we stopped and missed three others. What I discovered was if a fish rose and you could land your fly quickly by it the fish would take. I witnessed four rises that I could cast to quick enough and on all the fish took my fly. I fished three different patterns, so I really don't think the pattern matters much. I did see some chum fry at our first spot, but not many.

We moved to another area, and I did see a fish rise there but in an attempt to fish a deeper water slot with some current I had put on an indicator and a marine worm pattern. I still had it on when that fish rose. I casted hard and my indicator slipped down to my fly. Two strips later the fish came up and slammed my indicator. I looked to be a nice fish but I didn't have a hook attached to the indicator so I lost him.

I'm looking forward to really chasing silvers this summer again.
One time I took the kids out and we fished one of those casting bobbers. So you fish a U l spinning rod with the casting bobber (partly water filled) and a fly underneath it. Upon retrieval an SRC slammed the bobber...the kids got excited and started was fun. In my experience, if there are SRC and you cast (nearly) anything near them they'll ambush it. - fun fish no doubt when they're around and ready to play.

No I need to get our move to a new home over with so I can get back at them. 2 more weeks! Hate moving! :)
Hit the west shore of Colvos passage yesterday on the afternoon ebb, hung out with Mark Mercer and Sterling Silver, but absolutely nothing to show, not even a bump. Always good to get out especially after all the weather.

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Has anyone had any luck at Lincoln Park or the Tacoma Narrows or Titlow Park?
I live close to Lincoln and was there Sunday afternoon, sadly with dog leash in hand instead of fly rod. Was scanning the water hard on my walk and no hint of surface activity, though that's usually the case. I've had my best luck there on sub-surface searching patterns. I've fished it twice this year with no luck. Yet!
I was driving back home to Olympia today from fishing up in Purdy where I got skunked and on the way back stopped a long the hood canal to see if I could catch a glimpse of any salminod activity...and there is activity. I'm going to fish the canal in the morning if anyone wants to join.


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Got out Saturday in MA13; managed my first SRC of the year. Lots of fry near shore, not much chasing them on the beaches I was fishing. Good times!

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