wood drift boat for sale

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I'll try again after fresh coats of paint and varnish.

17'-6" drifter, hand made, clear douglar fir ribs, chines and gunnels, laminated ash stem and kerung 1088 marine plywood. Red oak chine batten. Sytem three epoxy.

Asking $1800 but will take partial trade for fly gear. add $700 to include trailer. Anchor system and 9' Gull oars included. Will custom modify if desired.

A nice handling roomy boat, With tree bigs guys, scum line on the hull indicatates 9" draft.

Got too many boats now and need to make room for next project. I also included pics of my lastest boat (Blue).

The last pic it truely an optical illusion, the green boat is only a foot longer.


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Yes, Thanks

The green one was first, the second a good friend has under a shed in Jackson Hole right now, and the blue is number 3


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Boy is that a tough question. The answer is yes, but not just yet. I have plans to use it this season. ( Research and developement , wink wink)

I have a couple of projects planned this winter I need the shop space for, and will probobaly start another drifter in the spring. It only takes me about 150 hours so number 4 would be completed early summer and the blue one would be up for sale then.

Thanks for the interest. I live in Burien so drop me a line if you want to toss a cold one, tell a lie, and look at the boats. 206-484-3854
I took a look at these drift boats and if you are into wood boats these are some really nice drift boats. The blue boat is absolutely gorgeous and the green one is very nice to say the least. Very expertly crafted and a nice finish. If you are looking for a drift boat you owe it to yourself to take a look and meet a nice guy at the same time.


Jerry Daschofsky

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Hey, I was going to say. If you're building these boats, and plan to build a smaller boat. I have a rear Diercks anchor release with cleat for standard boats. I just got a driftboat, and it needs a side release (which I'm in process of buying) since it has a rear motor mount. If you need one I'm selling it for $40. Cheaper then the $65 at the stores.
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