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So I’m getting ready to tie up a few different patterns to fill up some new fly boxes, and I figured I might as well make a swap of it. I’ve been itching to jump on the next swap that pops up but just can’t wait any longer. This is my first swap and I'm fairly new to tying, but I think my skills are up to it. And how hard can it be to run a swap anyways (famous last words of a rookie swapmeister)? For a theme, I was thinking your favorite old classic vs a more modern take (or whatever is new to you) on the same bug.


Sorry, but this one just never got enough interest. I'll throw a new one out later this summer when I've got some time.


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Being a fairly new to tying, and my first swap, I think I'll jump in here too. I'm assuming trout, and you're not restricting to a type of fly. I might do something like a classic prince nymph, and a purple prince, or something similar with a soft hackle.
Trout is what I was thinking, but anything will work. I've got a couple books with classic patterns from the 40s that I love referencing. Looking through these and searching the web for different ideas/takes on the same patterns is what gave me the idea. Glad someone is on board!
I am down to tie some classic/old school trout flies, but need some clarification on this swap? Do you want to us to use traditional materials on these classic/old school flies or keep to the original pattern and use any materials? Whatever you decide, I'm looking forward to this fly swap.
Yeah...traditional patter & traditional materials is what I was thinking. Then a contemporary version of that same pattern with contemporary/unconventional/outside the (old school) box materials. I guess I wasn't really clear, cause I'm not going to be picky about what people tie. It just sounded like a fun idea to me. Glad we've got another one!
Sorry for the delayed response. Busy week last week. Nice PhilR! Psycho, but I like em. Here's a couple extended body mayflies I tied up. So instead of the classic dubbed body, I used foam and furry foam. I've never used either materials for an extended body so these first bugs aren't too pretty but I'll get them there.
For the swap I'd like to tie a classic dubbed body and then one of the two newer styles. I think I'll also try out some synthetic threads for the tails instead of the moose hair I'll use on the classic. Anyways...hope there's more interest. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
Whoops. Sorry for the double pic post. Those are the same two flys. And sorry about the poor pic quality. Still working on the easiest/best way to take fly pics.
Thanks Eric! I don't think I've got time for this swap right now. Busy as all get out. So this one I'll have to cancel, but I'll start a new one up this summer and see if I can get a few more interested.

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