T Anybody out here also a golfer and want to trade?

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I am a golf pro, and spend more of my time fishing anymore. Didn't know if anyone was looking to trade any rods, reels for any new high end golf equipment. If there is anything that you were going to purchase for the new season, let me know and I can get you whatever you want. I'm not really looking for anything specific, 4-6 wt rods/reels. Let me know if this is looked down in this forum and I will take down. Thanks.


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I've heard the practice rounds are the best times to go....lucky you! Have a buddy who's a member there and he just goes for the practice rounds, works the scoreboards for the par 3 tourney, then flies home wed night to watch it on TV. Good luck getting some fishing gear!
I have some fly rods that you may be interested in - I'm looking for a new Ping G25 driver. If you're interested, check your messages where I left my email address. Thanks!
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