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Let alone any Flyfishing bumper stickers? Only ones I've seen are flyshop bumper stickers. Any other Flyfishing bumper stickers anywhere?

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Jerry Daschofsky

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Yeah, I've seen Krax's friends work (his name is Jeff) and it's excellent. He's making our stickers for another site. It's the nice vinyl stickers like the Gloomis "fear no fish" with fish skeletons. Very nice and top notch.


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Why doesn't somebody make a decal for washingtonflyfishin.com? That totem/indian art rendition of a salmonid that is on the homepage would be a good one.

Chris Scoones

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GET OFF MY BACK!! Just kidding.

Working on it. Just finishing up a slight logo touch up that'll make the print cleaner and improve it overall. Working with a printer now.



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Those decal junky stickers are great! But I can't decide between "Kiss my bass" or "Ditch the bitch, Let's go fishing!" Coin toss I guess...
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