Dyna King Voyager Vice for sale

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Its about a year old but its a dyna-king so its practically new. It has clamp style base and travelling pouch. Its a rotary with a cam lock (not true rotary though). Still have all the original paperwork also...not that it matters but?? It is by far the easiest vice I have ever used and has never once let a hook slip. You can go from a size 18 scud hook to a size 1/0 steelhead hook with only a slight turn of the adjustment nut. Heres the full writeup/spec details

The Voyager is also known as Dyna-King's "Traveling Companion". It is compact and lightweight with a 30ª head angle and furnished with a Cordura Nylon carry pouch.It has no screws or knobs,stainless steel vise body, notch-lock cam and tool steel jaws. The base for the pedestal model is machined from lightweight black derlin. Both models in their pouches will fit in a large coat pocket for easy transport. The vise is offered in either clamp or pedestal base.

Tool Steel Jaws
Forcing Cone Adjusts Tension
Rotational Body
Hardened Cam
Set Collar
Lock Screw
Carrying Pouch

MSRP is 169.00 Looking for best offer

~Patrick ><>
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