ORVIS pontoon boat and accessories for sale. NEW

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Im selling my Orvis Pontoon Boat for sale(retails for $500), if anyone is interested please let me know.The boat is nearly new i used it once on the Yakima River to test it out.
comes with:
Orvis Pontoon Boat
2-7' Orvis aluminum oars
2 waterproof side compartments (attaches to the pontoon)
Anchor system
Rod Holder
Stripping Apron
go to www.orvis.com to check it out

(MAKE ME AN OFFER,,(leave message or contact me at (509)-963-7108 or at [email protected])
I think its a great pontoon boat, the only reason i want to get rid of it is because i just purchased a waterskeeter river guide pontoon boat.
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