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Kinda like a Henry's Fork Hopper body and Muddler/Lafontaine Spruce Moth front end. Since this comes from a guy who has his shop along the banks of a stream with the occasional caddis, it may be worth a look. Caribou used here because it floats well and it's so easy to spin on a small hook; deer works, too.

hook - Dai Riki 320 #1
thread/rib - UTC 70 tan
abdomen - caribou hair
wing/head - caribou hair

Part 1

mash down barb, attach thread and wrap back to bend

clean/stack a clump of caribou and trim tips

tie in with 2 soft loops, tighten and allow the hair to 360 around the shank; cover butts with thread and return in front of bend

pull hair forward, create first body segment

continue forward, creating additional segments (cross thread over top of body)

clean, stack and measure (hook gap distance past bend) another clump of caribou; tie down and let butts flair

clean another clump, trim tips, 2 soft loops and let it spin; half hitch x 2, SHHAN

flip fly over, lay razor on hook eye and push straight back

rough cut with scissors to shape head

final cut


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