The wanted posters say Tim Hartman
I hope you do live to be one hundred, OMJ. And may God grant you one extra year in order to repent!!! :)
Happy Birthday!

Jim Ficklin

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Happy Birthday, Jim. Don't get too feeble before I get a chance to come back & meet you this summer. Retirement is wonderful . . . no freeking boss to tell me I can't go when & where I want. God Bless & may you have many more.

The Other Jim


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3/7/35, best wishes to you from 7/27/38. Looks like we'll have at least one more spring to hear red winged blackbirds singing in the reeds. Enjoy.



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Happy Brithday...Old Man!! :)


@ GAT...Gene you make it to 79 and wanna go fishin'; I'll drive ya to the "kiddie pond" :p

Old Man

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I don't care what you say, you're not getting my bud lite! ;) But I'll buy you a whiskey next time we're on the river or you're out here!
I don't really drink beer. One beer is almost fine but the second one tastes bad and the third one I usually throw away because it tastes like shit. I'll stick to hard stuff.

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HBD! you ol'
fart!!! :cool:

Glad to know you... even if it is only via screen.

I doubt very much that I'll make it to 79 but if I do, I hope I can continue fishing as you have.
There are a few people on here I would like to meet up with. You are one of them, but coming to Oregon isn't in the cards. I have met a lot of people from this site and have fished with a bunch when I lived in Washington. I had a good time with all. And there are some power drinkers out there.
Happy Birthday, Jim. You are an inspiration. After surviving cancer, heart attack, and quintuple bypass I am confident I'll make it to enjoy fishing as long as you have. Fish on!
Another one in the book. Keep on keepin' on Jim. I hope I am still reading your posts in 21 more years. Maybe by then, I'll have as many posts as Mumbles? :)

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My dad was an old man when he was my age. I don't feel any different now that I did when I was 64. I'm just a bit slower than when I was when I retired. A few more aches and pains. my get up and go has slowed down. But other than what was said I feel good for an Old Man.

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