I-90 Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives

Can't remember the name totally. But I think it is Mountain
high burger in Easton on the north side of I-90. Burgers good and I think there is 31 flavors of shakes.
The McGuire Special burger at McKean's Drive-In in Cle Elum. Now that I'm watching my cholesterol, I try to limit myself to one a year......

I always go with the Giant burger. Can't beat the French bread bun. Shakes are great but stay away from the fries and onion rings. They in my opinion are below par.

Kyle Smith

DBA BozoKlown406
Best burgers and dogs in Missoula: Tom Dooley's. In the Campus Inn/McDonald's parking lot, hang a right on Broadway from the Van Buren exit. The Works burger makes me shiver.

Also I hear good things about Ekstrom's Stage Station up Rock Crick. Another on my personal bucket list is Pork Chop John's in Butte.

In the summer a Japanese family from Los Angeles runs a fry bread taco stand in Hardin, for those driving all the way to West Dakota fishing the Bighorn.
Mountain High in Easton is good. We always stop there on the way to Cle Elum. And of course, there is a Popeye's outside of North Bend at that big truck stop. Always stop there for some red beans and rice. Across the street is Rhodies for some great BBQ. That is a standard stop when fishing the North Fork.
Eric the Red hit it. Go to Rhodies. Buy your sandwiches and head east. It 20 seconds off I-90.

I am a barbecue aficionado and this dive delivers big time.
With fishing season upon us and many traveling the I-90 corridor I thought it would be interesting to
hear about some good, off the beaten path places to eat along the way. Looking for good food and portions with reasonable prices.
Just to put some limits, let's say 50 miles north or south of I-90 from North Bend to Billings.
Guy Fieri has his, where's yours?
Well, if your're in Missoula, the Dinosaur Cafe should be on your list.
Good Cajan (not really Creole) food in a dive bar.
Pony up to the bar and the guy on your left may be a homeless Vet, the guy in your right a best selling author.

Food is the draw here not the ambience, as it's fantasitica (in every meaning of that word).

(it's a Zoo town thing).

Want some top drawer fried chicken with no frills? Go to the Double Front.

I can't guarantee the action is still going on in the basement, as I haven't been there recently. But if the lights are on in the stair well, go on down.

It wouldn't hurt your taste buds to stop at the Mo Club (Missoula Club) and order a burger, it's OK, to take out a quarter and carve a groove in the Mahogany bar while you wait for it.

If you are showing up on a Friday or Saturday, I recommend a stop at any of the above, then hitting the Union Club for music and libations.

Avoid any place with an Italian or Irish name, unless it's Zimorino's Red Pies over Montana ( it's Pizza, dude, ask if they'll do a fresh garlic).

Do not under any circumstance think you can get good Chinese, Mexican or Japanese food here.... but if you look for it, the Thai is not that bad...

BTW, if you've never had breakfast at the Oxford while nursing a hangover, can you really say you've been to Montana?

Don't forget to order lunch fixin's at Worden's on your way to the river.