Sight Fishing Nice Browns w/ Orvis Superfine Glass

Here's a link to some good video of sight fishing to nice browns with (I think he says) a 9' 4# prototype Orvis Superfine Glass rod. Orvis ended up not offering this configuration... Maybe they should have, this guy sure liked it.....

If this doesn't make you want to get out and go, you should call your family mortician:

Several videos will come up at the link; the one I'm recommending here is the one on the left, in the middle. But, by all means, enjoy them all.
They actually DO offer that configuration in their Superfine Touch graphite rods, which is what those guys were videos.
Hey thanks- You're right: I just went back to check the video and they are fishing the graphites.

I don't know where I got the idea that they were using glass rods.

Sorry, everyone....

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