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Conspicuous consumption meets wretched excess. Tied here in salmonfly colors; change as you see fit.

hook - Mustad 79580 #2
thread - UTC 140 hot orange
tail - rubber brown
body - 2mm foam rust, orange, dark brown
wing - elk hair
indicator - 2mm foam orange
legs - rubber medium orange barred

poke a hole in rust foam strip (hook gap wide), mash barb and slide on hook (most pics I've seen have all 3 layers on top, but when I try that, I get a lot of rolling, even with liberal amounts of Super Glue; mounting the bottom layer underneath the hook gives me a more stable base)

attach thread at head and wrap back to bend

1 soft loop, pull slowly but firmly (to keep from cutting the foam) to create first segment

lay second layer of foam and tie down; repeat with top layer

cross over the top and wrap back (slow, gentle pull to create segment)

insert rubber for feelers

create another segment back, pull feelers back, trapping rubber against side of body

cross wrap over top, moving forward to initial tie-in

move thread forward, tie down bottom foam, then the other layers, one at a time (lost the pic for top layer, please use imagination)

repeat; at this point you should be at the 50% mark

clean, stack and measure (gap width past the bend) a clump of elk; tie in, trim butts

tie in indicator (a little narrower than body foam)

tie in legs


poke another hole in bottom foam at eye, pull foam up and tie down

create last segment

half hitch x 2, SHHAN

trim front/back foam, trim tail and legs; keep away from blondes and Empire State Building


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