Queets Road above Hartzell Closed?

I heard there was a log across the road???? Somebody needs to cut that sucker! Any idea how big the fallen tree is? I may need to bring my saw..............Jut saying


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I saw a Ranger a couple weeks ago and mentioned this to him. He said these things take time, due in part to NPS regulations requiring a 2-person team whenever a chainsaw is being used, and a general lack of a second staff member being present. There had been a tree across the upper valley road about that same time. It was cut by someone other than NPS staff. And while wood cutting is generally prohibited, cutting trees that fall across the road gets a pass. I talked with a camper a couple years ago who said he always brings his chain saw after having been trapped while inside by a fallen tree some years back. One problem with DIY is that many of us with homeowner firewood sized saws are a bit short in the bar length when an OP tree thunks down across the road.

FYI: two logs down over the Hartzell Ramp as of the weekend. Couldn't drive out on the gravel bar anymore, but we were able to drag the boat down the side channel and winch it under.

A chainsaw would make quick work of them, maybe someone already has. But an unpleasant surprise to roll up to at zero-dark-thirty.

Perfect weather out there this weekend.