Ling Flies - Colors

Hey Guys,
Going to be doing some fly fishing for ling cod this summer. I've never done it before and was looking for some advice as to which colour combinations I should tie my ling patterns in. So far it looks as though a tan/black combo is a popular one? Any insight would be very helpful!


Chris Bellows

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i've always like orange/yellow combinations but that has more to do with my confidence than anything else.

make em' big and with lots of movement, get them near a rocky bottom, and hang on. color probably matters the least out of all of the factors (weather, tides, knowing where to find em').
if its BIG. a ling will slam it
orange/black ( probably looks tan/black underwater)

flash, rubberlegs, BIG YELLOW EYES
Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Are you guys tying these flies with tandem hooks? or do ling usually hit the head of the fly?

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I was worried about short strikes until I hooked a couple of fish, don't worry about it, no such thing with lingcod. And I'm pretty sure you can only use a single barbless hook in Puget sound.

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I'll avoid the tandem hooks then, just figured short strikes might become an issue with 6-10in flies and only a hook up front.
You most likely don't need tandem hooks. The Ling Cod sucks everything into that huge mouth and won't let go until it breaks the surface. Last Ling I caught was 37" long and had a black rockfish in it's belly with my hook in its mouth. The ling took the fish rather than the hook, no B.S. It was the strangest thing I've ever seen... out fishing.