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No, it's not a Klingon. Little bit of foam and elk; floats low, floats a long time. Tied here in salmonfly colors; change to suit your needs.

hook - Mustad 79580 #2
thread - UTC 140 hot orange
body - 2mm foam dark brown
abdomen/thorax - dubbing rust/hot orange rabbit
wing - elk hair
indicator (optional) - 2mm foam orange
legs - rubber medium brown

taper foam strip (hook gap wide) to create tail (a little longer than hook gap) and poke a hole at base of taper, mash barb and slide on hook

attach thread at head and wrap back to bend

brush a bit of Super Glue on inside of foam, then 1 soft loop, pull slowly but firmly (to keep from cutting the foam) to create first segment

wrap thread forward to expand first segment

dub thread, dub segment

pull foam down, advance thread to next segment location (approx 40% mark)

create segment with thread wraps

clean, stack and measure (extend a bit past tail) a clump of elk hair; tie in and trim butts

tie in legs

dub thread, dub segment

pull foam down, move thread forward and repeat previous steps

poke another hole in foam at eye, pull foam up and tie down at eye

cross thread over back to base of head; pull foam back and tie down

tie in indicator

whip, SHHAN, trim all things rubber and foam and you're done





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One question. Do you really need an indicator with this one? :)

Although I noted the indicator as optional, the water I fished during the hatch last year was pretty turbulent, and even in the calmer stuff along the banks (where a lot of the fish were), and an indicator was very helpful for spotting it. This fly floats pretty low and I need all the help I can get. :D

Does your fly box also function as a PFD? Thanks for another SBS, makes me wish I lived in salmonfly country.

I've been lucky enough to hit the hatch (for the first time ever) 2 years in a row, not really expecting it in either place. I'll probably never see another one of those bugs again.

Thanks a bunch for taking the time to share your tying and teaching talent with all of us tyers. It really helps me expand my tying abilities and interests.

All the best,

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