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Sage FLi 9' #5 with teton reel #5
First of i want to say sorry if this is in the wrong category i apologize now and ask a moderator to move to the correct area if not then awesome.
my name is Neal i just moved to Yakima from southern California 3 months ago. I'm within walking distance of the Naches river and a few miles from the Yakima/Naches split. I've been fishing in a lot of the rocky mountain states and some in New Zealand. I've done bait fishing most of my life and my uncle is actually the one that got me into fly fishing so not very many opportunities to go with someone that is experienced. Now I don't know the state laws here but i know in New Zealand you can walk across anyone's property to get access to the waterways without any hassle. In California you'd have the cops called immediately and arrested or removed from the property. people seem more easy going and friendly around here so just curious if there's any laws for "trespassing" to get to waterways. in order for me to walk to the river (short cut way) id have to cut through a few peoples properties to get to the water. can you do that here? Also I've seen that the klickitat is a good river for steelhead, but is the Yakima or Naches rivers heavy with steelhead? don't really know the geography around here very well yet. any replies would be greatly appreciated.