wanted tioga 12 fly reel new or used in good condition

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check out ebay. Go to flyfishing, search tioga, and you will find two 12's. One is offered by MikeScottsFlyshop(web) in SoCal. I have gotten 2 tiogas plus some spools from him and he has been super to deal with. Good luck.


#8 Tioga Fly Reel and 3 spare spools

I just listed a Tioga 8 reel and spare spools if your interested


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Tiogas Kick @$$

However, save yourself the trouble and get the Standard Arbor if you are planning on loading up a Spey outfit. The 12 LA WILL NOT hold ANY backing with the Long Belly Lines (if you use long bellies). I learned that one the hard way and had to spend more money.

I have 6 Tiogas and have gotten them all off of Ebay. You'll save 50 to 60 bucks on a 12 buying off of ebay. Great Reels!
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