FS Sage SP 690-3; RPL+ 590-2; RPLXi 690-3

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ALL SOLD! Thanks!

Selling off some of my rods to cover the spending on other rods. :)

I will hear and respond to offers respectfully. Not interested in any trades at this time (please don't tempt me...haha).

feel free to ask any questions.
PM, Phone or Texts are all good. Will post photos later, or contact me with an email to get them faster.


Prices are to your door!

Sage SP 690-3 w/Extra Tip (Custom Built) SOLD SOLD SOLD
6wt 9' 3 piece rod. A beautiful classic fly rod. Many believe this line was the best that Sage ever made. Smooth, with power, and a soft tip. Really a beauty to cast. This rod is a custom built rod that looks much better than most of my factory rods (to be totally honest). The rod comes with TWO tip sections, one has larger guides, the other smaller. It's in excellent condition, much like what you would find on a rod that been fished but also taken really good care of. (which it has).​
Comes in a rod/reel hard case.​
5wt 9' 2 piece. FAST ACTION! This rod is great for those seeking distance in their trout or SRC fishing. Really thin rod with great power! It casts a lot like a RPL 690 but much thinner and lighter. Condition is great. Nothing out of the norm from a well loved rod. No deep scratches or anything.​
Comes with a Sage Sock and Tube (not original). (came from a RPL 890-2)​
6wt 9' 3 piece. RESERVE POWER FOR SALT! This is where it's at. You may think this rod may feel slow (medium fast) for a salwater rod but once it loads back, there's nothing stopping it. It's going to let line fly. Great condition like everything else. Nothing worth noting.​
Comes with original Sock and Tube.

Note to Forum OPs: This is a repost of a previous ad that was getting too messy. These rods have been removed from that ad. Please leave up (or lock) the previous ad for records of description and photos until what is currently pending has been confirmed sold. Thanks!


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Just pick up the Sage RPLXI 690-3 from Jeff. I don't remember when they stopped making this rod, but this one looks like new. A joy to cast now need to see how it fishes. Nice to meet Jeff good guy hope to be able to fish with him some day. Can't believe this rod lasted so long without being snagged.
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