Roses, Antilon, Wapato Lake Ice Report

Jeff Dodd

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Flew back from Spokane earlier this weekn and got a birds eye view of the lakes. In the top photo, that's Wapato Point, Roses, Wapato and Dry lake above it. Antilon is up a ways and looks to be pretty well iced over still.

Mostly thought this was a cool photo for people who enjoy Chelan area.

Bottom photo is the same shot but taken further east.


Scott Salzer

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Used to hit Roses for when it opened on Dec. 1st. If it was ice free, the fishing was very good for nice sized trout. We fly fished and caught and released all day. A couple that was bait fishing did the same thing and ended up with a ticket. They pointed to us catching and releasing too - they got an expensive education that day.

Thanks for the pictures.

Gott get up there and fish your home water.
Looks like we'll be headed to Chelan next weekend and I'm hoping to fly fish Roses, Dry, and/or Wapato Lake. Any recommendations on flies for this time of year? Was in Chelan last month (we own a Condo on the lake) and took my son (10) and his buddy on a guided fishing trip. We caught some nice Mackinaw =) Oddly I've never fished those lakes in all the years we've been over there... Thanks!
Thanks for the info Jeff. I might have to give Roses a try on the way home from the Okanogan. It's right on the way and I haven't gotten into any Tigers in a long time.