Kick starter for a custom made rod blank

My point is that every rod I have casted with an ERN in the 4's is massively overloaded with a 5wt line with more than 20 feet of line aerialized.
Interesting. The rod has a nice medium action that loads up great with a 5wt. line. Just perfect for presenting dry flies. If you check out the video the rod (sample of the Aurora I) is throwing an SA 5wt.trout taper. Thanks for your input.


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What is ERN? What graphite is it? IM6, IM7, IM8?? Action on the rod? weight of blank? Made in Korea, China, New Zealand or US?
Almost all of your questions are answered in the kick starter. The rod is on the upper end of moderate, and is made from all three types of carbon fiber you mentioned. Since I only received samples (without the clear coat) I do not have a weight listed.