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Bought some of silvercreek's resin last week, and while I've not had the chance to use it as much as I'd have liked yet, from the initial test drive, it's an awesome addition to any tyer's bag of tricks.

I've never used CCG, Loon, etc., so I can't compare to those, but 10 seconds of UV light to get what'd take a half hour or more in layered SHAN is fantastic. So far, the consistency seems about right too, thick enough to stay where you put it, but thin enough to self-level.
I have never used any resins or epoxy. Can the resin be used in place of epoxy? Will it have the same effect? I am planning on using resin or epoxy for my salt water flies. Thanks.
You can use my resin to replace epoxy as a clear hard coating for salt water flies.

See this quote by stonefish on this post http://tinyurl.com/lxk73er

"Contact board member silvercreek.

He sells a UV cure that actually dries tack free. Something many brands promise but fail to deliver. I bought his high power light as well which makes curing fast and easy.

I've been using it all summer on my beach clousers and it stands up well to getting wacked on the beach.

I've used Loon and CCG but won't be any longer."

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Received my order the other day. Finally had a few moments to use it. It does dry tack free very quickly. Neat stuff. I will be using more stick on eyes for some of my SRC flies. Smoothed out the mono I used for making a new loop on my floating line as well. Thanks Silver.
This is a really good product! I used it for SRC flies and also I used it to replace a couple of guides on my rods! So far I can't tell if its as good as flex coat but definitely faster and easier! Have you used your resin to coat thread wraps silver Creek?
Just got it in a few days ago, thanks for the expedient service! Used it last night and it's the perfect thickness and true to form, tack free! I usually use Hydro and like its more fluid consistency, Silvercreeks is just a bit thicker but not stiff so it flows and coats in a smooth and even manner, much easier to manage.
Thanks good sir!
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