FS Tack Free, Fast Cure, Crystal UV Cure Resin

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wayne syn

I purchased 4 bottles a few months ago and over the Holidays finally had a chance to use it.

Definitely tack free! I like the brush applicator too. All in all a great purchase.

Thanks SilverCreek.
Excellent product, it is superior to the other two "big name" brands I have tried (harder and faster cure) and Henry will take care of you. The correspondence and shipping time was immediate and I will be ordering more as soon as what I have runs out. Thanks Henry!!


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I just received Henry's newest concoction - the Flexiseal UV Coat. It will be great for wader repair and fly tying uses like coating wing feathers on stoneflies and caddis dries. Dries tack-free, but remains flexible. Going to try it for coating knots and line/leader connections too.


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'nother satisfied customer... Product delivered on time and works as expected. I slapped a few drops on some copper john backs I had tied up waiting for the 'coup de gracie' dollup of epoxy. The product applied easily and hardened in seconds tack-free just as advertised. I'll be back for more.


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Presidents Day Sale Free Instrument set offer.

Note: The number of offers is limited. This offer expires on Feb 27 or when the number of limited offers have been redeemed.

Receive the instrument set below free with the purchase of 2 bottle set of Silvercreek’s Crystal UV Coat and Silvercreek’s Flexthin UV Coat.

Cost will be $36 ($15 X 2 + $6 Shipping) if you pay by check and $39 if you pay using Paypal. Email me at Picaboo(at)charter.net and use Code FREESET when ordering so I know to send the free instrument set. Payment must reach me by Feb 27 to qualify for the offer.

The free set includes a scissors, needle holder, straight hemostat, and curved hemostat. The needle holder has smooth jaws. Hemostat jaws are serrated.

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