I have a house.


The wanted posters say Tim Hartman

I expect you're jonesin' to play in the salt but two suggestions, if I may:

1. Stripping basket (beach fishing will be so much easier)
2. Post-trip freshwater soak/rinse (your gear will last much longer)

Hope you have fun up here! :)


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Your flly fishing options will be limited, but take the time to enjoy island life for a while. It can be addictive from what friends tell me.


Gregg Lundgren

Now fishing on weekdays too!
Welcome and congratulations! If I am not mistaken, your view is across the sound east to Camano Island. You may find the fishing better most of the time on the other side of Whidbey. The good news is the island is so skinny there, it's less than a ten minute trip.;)