70 million salmon


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I just found out that the Fraser river prediction for this year is 70 million sockeye. That's allot of salmon. I plan on hitting the beaches for the first time soon for src up here in the strait of Georgia. My thought was this summer [July and August], while fly fishing for src hit a few spots for sockeye. My question is, has anyone had any luck fly fishing for sockeye in the saltwater? I used to commercially fish for sockeye in the strait of Georgia so I know the spots and tides but I am not sure on the how. My idea is to find schools of sockeye and either cast to them or maybe slow troll through them. Not sure of flies but was thinking of sparse pink ones. If this does not work and I could head across the border and fish for them with the huge hoard of fisherman on the banks of the Fraser. Any help would be helpfull.


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The commercial guys are salivating
That's a lot of fish!
I am hoping to target these bad boys when they cut through the San Juan's
I know one beach they come up on but most guys troll with downriggers
Good luck fellas


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"Pre-season estimates of this summer's run size from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans range from a low of 7.3 million to a high of 72.5 million, with the more probable mid-range forecast set at 23 million."

An order of magnitude between the high and the low estimates translates to "We're not really sure, eh".

The sockeye run will probably be strong (to very strong), but given the recent issues with Fraser sockeye I wouldn't hold your breath for 70 million fish.

Having said that, fish a sockeye lightning.



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Thank you all for the advice, I will try them all and let everyone know the results. I know about predictions, big ones never seemed to pan out but it gives me a excuse to give it a try.
Never take what the DFO says serious. If you've lived up here for any length of time, you'll know this. I'm almost convinced they throw chicken feed onto a calculator and let the birds at it for a while. After the ten minutes are up they see what buttons were pressed and present those numbers.

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