Loaded River Boats & 2+ day trips?

For those that have done multi day river drifts on your pontoon/drift boat/rafts/what have you, I'd love to see pics of your loaded up boats. What boat do you own? (model/make,etc.). What types of things did you pack or what was your strategy this way? What river(s)? How long did you go for? Who did you go with? (those types of things). Tell us a bit about your trip. Also, are there some things you've learned as you go from doing multi day trips on your boat? Do you have it down to a science? Any tips or advice for guys who are interested in doing it?


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The responses could be a books worth.

I have a 16ft toon that seats three. I dont have any pics of fully loaded boat...sorry.
I fish/float for 4 days on a river in SW washington and will do 3 days on the Yakima a couple times during the Summer.
The food is mostly sandwiches, canned goods( pop tops), lots of trailmix, precooked or prepped food( spaghetti/beefstews in tupperware.. etc) and quality beef steaks. I do one hot meal a day and thats dinner. I pack lots of beer and ice. I can survive on a river without food, but not without an ice cold beverage. Since i was 18(26+ yrs) of camping, I have yet to be on a trip where we ran out of food. I use the meltoff in the cooler as ice cold drinking water. I try to keep the beer and ice cooler clean for that reason( i do pack a couple bottles of water for some emergency reason that has yet to show its head).
I set up the basic meals, but have all agree on the dinners. The snacking and munching throughout the day isn't as big a deal to me as is the settled down for the nite quality dinner.
I pack a fork, knife, spoon, bowl and plate for each person. Use it and clean it up, cuz its going back in a pack with other clean stuff.
We dont use a tent, just an air mattress, pillow and blanket for each person( summertime). I pack 3 collapsible chairs .

I use a shuttle service on the SW river due to the sketchy area. I hide my scooter at takeout but leave my car/trailer in town. On the Yakima i hide the scooter at take out and leave the car/trailer at launch.

I have a big cooler full of food, beer, hard liquor, block ice and bagged ice. I have a little cooler that i keep crushed ice and beer in only. We rotate beers into the cooler( one out one in ). Did i mention ice cold beverages are a must?

Random thoughts:

Cribbage , dominoes and dice games take up spare time at nite.
We shoot guns, fly fish, gear fish, spend hours in swim holes and nobody is in a hurry to get anywhere. I like to use ziplock baggies for almost everything. I have some big baggies that hold plenty, ziplocks keeps things clean and organized.
I like to have everyone where a whistle when they leave the boat and wander off far distances to fish braids, chase animals etc. Its my out of sight communication.
I like to be comfortable at the end of each day, I prefer a quality dinner, a decent chair with back support, a cold beverage and i will be a happy camper.
I keep lots of stuff in the big cooler with the food and ice, the items are in ziplock bags so they stay dry and clean, i keep the cooler divide in half with a DIY partition i made at home.
I use lashing straps for most of the misc gear i have on board. They are easy to use and always hold tight.

Add in rods, gear and a change of clothes and we are off.

I missed/skipped plenty and bounced around a little in this post.

Looking forward to others inputs.


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I was expecting many different ideas from other members.

Looks like there are very few that do overnighters, i am stoked just thinking about spending multiple days on a river.
I was expecting many different ideas from other members.

Looks like there are very few that do overnighters, i am stoked just thinking about spending multiple days on a river.

You know what they say - sometimes it's a tough sub!

The sound of a rushing river when you wake up really is something special.


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I have a 17x60 Willie Drift Boat, a 14' Willawa I Maravia raft, and an Aire inflatable kayak. I've done multiday trips in all three. SF of the Snake in the drift boat. A 7 day MF of the Salmon and multiple 5 day upper Selway trips in the raft. I also did a five day drip with the IK. The trips with the big boats were luxury trips with four or more boats in the trip.
Here is last year's middle fork trip at Tappan Falls:

IK trip:

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