Minn Kota Prop Fouled by line

I have a Minn Kota ENdura C2 trolling motor. The prop was fouled with an intermediate sink line. I need to get the prop off. I can't seem to find any info on removal. It is not the old plastic wing nut and shear pin attachment. Its the newer setup.

Anyone have any experience with this?


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I have a newer one to, so I went and looked. Looks like a slotted screwdriver in the center and right size wrench on the outside. Probably hold the center in place with the screw driver while loosening the nut with a wrench.


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You may already have it but here's a link to the owners manual.
http://www.minnkota.com.au/images/stories/user_manuals/Endura/Endura C2 30.pdf

There doesn't appear to be anything other than the nut and washer holding the prop on.
Might try having someone pulling on blades and tap the center of the shaft with a punch
and hammer being careful not to damage the threaded shaft.
I've done the same thing several times but never had the problem with the prop.
My most productive sinking line has been wrapped up twice while netting another guys fish in
the current at Rufus Woods.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
I still have a 6 wt. clear intermediate line that I wrapped up twice in the prop of my older Minnkota 30 lb thrust stern mount. That line is pretty ugly looking in its current state, but is still usable. After the second wrap around and slashing, I had to cut off the taper (about 10 or so feet of the bizness end), and then I fashioned a loop on the end of what was left.
I had a 6 wt multi-tip line which had the running line go kaput, with too many breaks in the coating, and some bad peeling going on. I stashed the floating tip from that (for future use, maybe), and now use the clear intermediate tip on the old Minnkota-ized line. I also can loop onto the old clear Minnkota-ized mainline, the 3wt and 6 wt sink-tips from the old trashed multi-tip. So now I have a multi-tip full sinker!

Every once in a while I had to take my prop off and remove some mono that it had picked up and wound into the gap between the prop and the motor head. I could tell that it was time, when the motor started bogging down for no apparent reason.
I lost 4 sinking lines in 3 years :( very easy done from a pontoon without floor, line went under the seat and bingo , before you know you have a big fish on line ..just remove the pin undo the propeller and carefully cut the line , work for me ..
Since i order a floor from
http://www.stitchesnstuff91.com work very well , very professional work quick turn around ,under 2 weeks from drawing to delivery to NZ !!


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Hey NZ I know you ;-) I guess I always go backwards with line in front and motor behind me. I did tangle a Type II line last year while fishing from an Aluminum boat because the operator turned too sharp and as you said, line went underneath. Cool thing was it took out maybe 3" of the PVC coating. I was able to splice the line back together and still use it.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
How do you get the line wrapped in the propeller?
By not paying attention! One time, in my old square stern canoe I was trolling slowly upstream in almost no current, just before high tide and still in tidewater, when an old timer that I knew waved at me from his dock. I headed over to say hello and chat for a few moments, thinking that I was holding my position, but I screwed up somehow and drifted backwards a few feet (maybe due to the downstream breeze), while my flyline held its position.
The other time happened in a lake, and I'm to blame for being outwitted by the gusty breeze.
I take my two sons out, they don't always watch their lines. There is no pin on Endura C2 version of the motor. But removing the nut and washer is all it takes. I just had to have someone hold the prop while I held the motor and we both pulled apart, as the line had jammed in there tight. All good now. Thanks!

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