Dammit Janet, I'm trying again


After the temps rise above freezing... assuming they do... I'm headed back to Olalla. This will be a solo trip so there's no reason to take my camcorder.

I'm not really targeting the steelhead in the lake but if I happen to catch one, well, that wouldn't be a bad thing.

Around this time last year I made a solo trip to Olalla and did catch a steelhead. I couldn't figure out how I could keep the sucker cool enough to bring it home to give to one of my steelhead eating friends so after taking a few photos of the hatchery job, I gave it to two old dudes in a boat.

I probably should mow the lawn instead because the damned neighbors have mowed their lawns and mine is beginning to look a tad out of place. I think foot tall grass is kind'a pretty but my wife type unit is not of the same mind. However, she knows I'm a fishing nut and knew the job was dangerous before she married me.

Besides, I still have 2,345 experimental stillwater patterns to try.

Don't wish me luck because that will jinx the trip.


Okay, I did a little better this time... I caught 7 planters. But I had to work for every one of the fish! Considering they dumped in a couple thousand planters and the Power Bait folks were doing great... isn't wasn't a banner day.

Normally we flyfishers do better than the spin folks but all the fly anglers I talked with were not doing too well. The cold water may have had something to do with it. I saw only a couple of risers and that doesn't usually bode well for flyfishing.

Here's a shot from the dam and the parking lot. They built a picnic park on the lake side. That is frost on the ground. It was just a tad cold when I launched.

olalla from dam web size_edited-1.jpg

As the area close to the dam was in the shadows and therefore, very cold, I finned around the corner. The lake is misleading and much larger than what you see from the dam.

olalla mist 2_web sizeedited-1_edited-1.jpg

olalla mist web size_edited-1.jpg

olalla mist 3 web size_edited-1.jpg

Eventually, it warmed up. However... oddly enough for this lake, there was no wind.

That's not good for flyfishing.

on the lake web size_edited-1.jpg

So I farted around trying different flies and caught this little guy:

big fish web size_edited-1.jpg

But most where this size:

larger planter 2 web size_edited-1.jpg

While rushing to get a photo of the fish... which is not easy when you are fishing solo... I ended up with this (it took me a half hour to untangle my line).

birds nest_edited web size-1_edited-2.jpg

So that's it... nothing to write home about.


Oh, BTW... I was tired of seeing posts of folks catching huge trout so I kind'a enhanced that first shot with PhotoShop.

This is the actual size:

planter web size_edited-1.jpg



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Nice Gene! You caught 5 more than I did in a couple of hours this afternoon at Wolf Creek Res., but at least I caught my first trout of the year. The water was so cold that a layer of 3 to 4 inches of it was solid over about 3/4 of the lake. No hatches and only saw one riser.


The no hatches or rising trout is just not a good sign when you're flyfishing.

As far as I could tell, the only hatch going on was Power Bait.


Untangling the birds nest wasn't fun. :) It's odd how sinking lines will do that.

The day didn't start off all that great... in fact, I almost canceled.

I loaded up the ol' F150, got in to warm 'er up , turned the key and nothing. The engine didn't turn over. The starter didn't spin. The lights didn't dim when I turned the key so the battery was okay. I tried a few more times then it started.

Hmmmmm.... do I really want to drive the truck 50 miles from home, park it at the lake and hope it starts when I get ready to go home?... especially when I think it's a failing starter motor that was built in 1990??? Or, the ignition cylinder has gone belly up. In either case, I didn't want to risk it.

Virginia was supposed to use our Explorer (we call it the Dog Hauler) to take Mia to the dog park during the time I was fishing. We try not to use her new Escape to keep it clean and free of dog hair. Gin said she could use the Pod (our name for the Escape) and force Mia to stay in the luggage area. Mia normally rides in the back seat of the Explorer so she can hang her head out a rear window so she's not keen on riding in the back back.

I'd never used the Explorer before to haul the SuperCat. The pontoon boat will fit in the back if I fold down the rear seats but we have a dog barrier between the luggage area and the rear seats so the pontoon boat doesn't quite fit.

Sure, I could have deflated the pontoon boat and used the pump to add air to the pontoon boat when I reached the lake but I really prefer to keep the pontoon boat full of air and ready to go... I'm usually in a hurry to launch when I reach a lake.

I dinked around and found if I opened the glass liftgate about a foot of the pontoon boat was all that extended out of the rig. So I grabbed a bungee strap, secured the glass liftgate so it was jammed down against the pontoons, hoped for the best and headed on down the road.

It probably isn't a good idea and I wouldn't have used the technique if I had to drive more than an hour but it worked. I was concerned that the glass liftgate or the hinges of the thing would have gave out during the trip. This is the downside of working in the service department of dealerships for 38 years ... I know what can go wrong because I see it every day.

So no... it wasn't all fun and I honestly thought I'd catch many more planters than I did. This is the time of year we normally catch 20-plus trout at the lake when they plant it.

Today, I take on the lawn and hope the lawn mower will start!

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