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I've tried many different lights/lamps for fly tying. The first ones were all dependent on an outlet somewhere ... which wasn't all that convenient. So I started looking for a battery powered unit. The first one I bought worked but not very well.

I just started using this OttLite for fly tying and for a portable lamp, it is just what I've been looking for.

The numerous LEDs flood the work area and vise jaws with more than enough light yet the entire size of the lamp, is relatively small. It takes AA batteries or you can buy and accessory AC adapter to plug the unit into a wall socket. They indicate the lamp is "handheld" but it sits quite fine on a tying table.

I give this product a thumbs up as a portable fly tying lamp:

(it is available online or a local craft store such as Joann's.)


Because it's an OttLite, the colors are true.... at least for the flies I've tied so far. The nice thing is that it doesn't get hot like some vise lamps I've used in the past.

A lot of guys use the larger OttLite with a power cord and I have one of those too but sometimes finding an outlet is a hassle. This works just as well as the larger one yet is more compact and has no cord (but has a port for one if you want to save the batteries). I don't know how long the AA batteries will last. Time will tell on that one.


Nope... took the photo during lunch. At this point, I have a routine for shooting studio and macro shots so it doesn't take long to click, edit and post a simple set up.

Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
I picked one up today at the local JoAnne's for half-price (I actually missed the sale, which ended yesterday but they didn't pull the sale sign & honored the sale price.). Mine takes AAA batteries which is fine when I'm mobile, but 4.5v 600mA DC adaptors are pretty inexpensive. Thanks, Gene; your tips are darn near as good as your slide shows!


AAA? I double checked and the one I bought takes 4 AA size batteries. You must have bought a different model. sells universal AC plug in adapters for a very reasonable price. I have yet to receive the one I ordered and will let you know how it works once it arrives.

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