Tiger trout?

Anyone fishing Lenice or Nunnally catch one of the planted "Tiger" trout yet? I've fished Lenice 5-6 times and have yet to see one. They are suppose to be more aggressive surface feeders but all i've caught are either rainbows or browns. :DUNNO
Yes, I went to Lenice in March and caught a 16" Tiger. I cast a chironomid nymph to a fish that was rising along the shore.

When did you last fish Lenice? I want to go over on Tuesday, the 21st but haven't heard what's happening. If you have a current update on bugs,etc please advise. I went for the first time late March and hooked up browns and a couple of rainbow but nothing looked liked a Tiger. Hadn't heard about them until I started reading this forum. An update on Lenice would be appreciated.
I have yet to see one there...

I do hear there is a loch ness monster swimming about...look out!

(That might explain the guy with the deflating float tube in the other posting...)


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Week before last I caught four tiger trout at the west end of Lenice during the Callibaetis hatch. They were 14-15 inches long and all took a Callibaetis dun pattern. I've fished the same area during the same hatch several times since then without touching another one.

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