Forecast e-Glass SPG 720 spin to fly conversion

Finally moved into our new location, working on building myself a rod building bench, still in progress, but I need to get done soon so I can build some more rods! :D Building a Rainshadow RX8, 9ft, 8wt rod for Calico Bass fishing and 2 RX8, 9ft, 6wt beach rods for some Puget Sound fly fishing or any other 6wt fly rod task, nonetheless they will be Saltwater ready.

So, some time ago I picked up two Forecast e-Glass blanks, I posted about one build earlier in this forum (SPG 780) and now here is the other the 720. These are glass blanks for spinning rods but work really well for fly rod conversions. I learned about this on the forums and from other forums and write-ups on the interwebs. Anyhow, I left them both in their one piece configuration which I like. One day I will buy another of those blanks and make a 2 piece and see if I can notice any huge difference other than portability which to me really isn't an issue for where I would fish these rods.

Also, I used the original Forecast rating on the rod which is a UL Spin Cast rating 2-6lbs, 1/16-3/16oz, it will throw a 3 a 4 and a 5 wt line, it's all about what you like, or how you like it. One note about glossy black rods... you see everything! Any dust particles on there from just sitting around is noticed and like with a black car, swirl marks are easily seen if you look for them. Annoying but whatever, it's a fishing rod not a glass display rod.

Blank - gloss black e-Glass
Winding check - none (I improvised and used some rod bond to build up a base to wrap with thread, I learned this on the glass rod forums)
Stripping guide - Batson LTCUDAG10 (Zirconium with Chameleon PVD ring) (not a big fan of this color, but had to try it :))
Thread - PacBay Nylon black, gray, orange, sunrise
Cork - A grade Half Wells
Reel Seat - U3SKC-SG Shiny Gun Smoke
Insert - Ebony

Here are some pics (I'm no pic pro)

Up close on the winding check alternative

Thanks for looking! :)
Alexander, what is the benefit of using the spin blank over a fly blank? Is it simply cost?
At less than 15$ for a glass blank that has been tried and proven by others before me I could not pass up the opportunity! With the recent "comeback" popularity in glass blanks the prices seem a bit steep to me.

According to the article in the link below they rate the rods as follows SPG720 (as a 4/5/6 wt rod) and SPG780 (as a 3/4 wt rod).
Here's a link to what helped me out when deciding on doing these for a build

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