Las Barriles


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Heading to east cape area next week. Plan sneaking in some some fishing. Bringing crease flies, pencil poppers clouser and some large mackerel patterns had left over from striper fishing.

Any general info , must haves, must sees , eats in the area?


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Have fun!

We were in La Ventana (just north) a month ago kitesurfing, took a charter out for one day of fishing and spent a lot of time catching little reef fish from the beach with a 5wt. I've had dinner in Las Barriles a few times but the the place wasn't spectacular and I'm not sure where the good spots are. Let us know what you find.

There was a guy in La Ventana who was consistently catching Dorado while trolling behind a stand-up-paddleboard. I was really jealous watching him hook into fish right off the beach and get towed around. Now to do that with a flyrod would be the definition of cool... at least in my book.

Good luck!


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The beach around the light house south of Barilles can be a good spot for Rooster fish and other. You can rent 4 wheelers and run down there on the roads just back of the beach, very fun. Big flies required to get the Roosters to do anything but chase generally, but it's fun to watch them chase the fly anyway even if they don't commit. There is a fly fishing guide that works out of Rancho Leonero, a few miles south of Barilles, he can sometimes be located in the bar there in the evenings if you can't find him online. I don't remember his name. The food is really good at Rancho Leonero too.


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You might try shooting Pez Gallo from the forum a PM. He either guides that area if I remember correctly or he will at minimum likely know someone who does. He may also be able to give you ideas about how to fish the area. I also have fly fishing guide book of the Baja, you could borrow. It wasn't the most helpful, but it was a place to start.


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and others
Thanks for the offer and advice. Heading down in a few days. I am tying up a few big flies and a clear intermediate line on a 10 wt. A few poppers, clousers thrown in for good measure. Renting a car, atv and will spend 7 days exploring the east cape. Hopefully at least one decent story when I return.


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Heading down to La Ventanna on the 23 with a flyrod in hand
Going out for the Rosters and Dorado
The folks we are renting the house from are going to send me a places togo list

I Can email it to you if I get it in the next day or so Also thanks to Justin at Allen Fly rods getting me a rod in time for this trip as I broke my 8Wt a few weks back


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Just returned yesterday from five days there. The Sardinia are a bit scarce right now and you'll need to scratch around a bit, but there's still plenty of action to be had if you can cover some water. In addition to the flies you listed, we did well with EP Sardinia, big Clousers and Deceivers - 1/0, 2/0 & 3/0 in dirty olive and blues. Our foursome fished off of pangas, not the beach, but we found plenty of Roosters, Dorado and Yellow Tail. If you're targeting Dorado you'll want your 12wt, as some larger bulls are showing up earlier than normal. Can't help with restaraunts as we stayed in La Paz; but hey -the tacos, beer & tequila are good anywhere. Have fun!


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had a great time. Rented a car in Cabo and drove over to Cabo Pulmo stayed a few days and worked my way up to La Paz fishing a long the way. More of an exploratory trip of East Cape

no roosters. Had a few follow ups but no takes. Caught a few marlin on conventional gear. Ended up bonking one because could not revive. Took some meat home and donated the rest to local school. Caught A LOT of dorado, sieera's, a few bonitos, pompano. Got a secret tip on snook and managed to catch a few smaller ones



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Sweet report Ribka
I'm looking forward to going when it's not so hot next time
Looks like you got into some nice fish
Factoid: los Barriles is named after the barrels of gold that were stashed by pirates in the hills above town


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Cool report. I spent my honeymoon there and caught sick numbers of yellowfin, dorado, pargo, triggers, roosters and a marlin. Lots of fun.

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