Formulaic Dubbing Twister


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I love those motorized dubbing brush makers and really appreciate some of the great effects that can be created with them.
Unfortunately, I rarely have a need for anything that substantial, meeting most of my requirements just using the split-thread method, letting the bobbin do double-duty as the dubbing twister. When I do need a full blown dubbing loop, I found a cool little gadget that, with a few small modifications, does a great job - a battery powered baby formula mixer.

I cut off the end of the plastic wand and inserted a de-barbed, dulled-down Tiemco 200 hook (broke the eye off) into a pre-drilled hole with a little epoxy

quick demo (just used some rabbit dubbing here; you can use other materials to make some interesting effects)

create loop and insert dubbing

insert hook in the end of the loop

a couple quick blips (not sure of the rpms but it spins pretty quickly) and it's tight

take your favorite dubbing teaser (a velcro'd popsicle stick works great) and rough it up a bit

wrap the body, tie off and rough it up a little more as needed

The mixer set me back about $6 and 15 minutes to put it together; you can find them at any of those baby superstores.


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That's a great idea! I've also been using an older cordless, rechargeable screwdriver with a dowl rod insert that I've placed a hook at the other hook. It's variable speed and goes slow enough for nice and easy control.

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Nice i could see that coming in handy when making ep brushes or twisting lots of lengths of wire together in advance. I tend to do a lot of flies with twisted wire as the body.
Though according to the multiverse theory, there is probably already a dimension where the shamwow guy sells that product via infomercial on flyfishing only tv. Unfortunately he still beats up hookers in said dimension.

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