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Interesting fly; tied it out of curiosity's sake.

hook - Dai Riki 320 #16
thread - UTC 140 & 70 tan
abdomen - caribou
thorax - dubbing tan
wing - turkey
hackle - barred tan

mash barb, start thread (140 for the body)

clean a clump of caribou, trim ends; 2 soft loops, then let it spin

pack it, then repeat with clump #2

one more time with clump #3; tie off/trim thread

invert fly, lay the razor on the eye and push straight back

rough cut

final cut

start the 70 thread; a little dubbing for the thorax

fold a strip of turkey quill (gap width), sprayed with fixative (optional but recommended)

tie in at abdomen/thorax junction, wrap forward to eye, fold back, wrap back

tie in hackle, wrap hackle

trim hackle on top, pull turkey forward, tie down, half hitch x2, SHHAN

trim wing, trim hackle flush on bottom


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