Almost Perfect Conditions!

When the miracles of "overcast" and "humidity" occur in the Okanogan you are indeed blessed. But add, "less than Biblical winds" and you can almost envision Fly Fishing Angels. The trout too, were pleased, as they began to dimple the surface with decent regularity. Off goes the indicator, scud, TDC and on goes the nondescript dry fly that almost never sinks and 3 feet of invisible tippet (not really) and a size 18 black with silver wire rib. It got so good I sat on a bank and only had to make short casts for the willing finned creatures that I've weighted to see since last October.

I really enjoy fishing in the early spring when you need to still layer up to stay warm. It is good that the blinding Orb is not yet relentless and overbearing with its heat intensity and searing rays of cancer.

Long range forecast for 70s which usually spells the beginning of the end of a great thing. Clouding up right now with a slight promise of some of the precious wet stuff. Soooooo, maybe tomorrow morning just might be one more morning of magic.