Renegade: Foot strap


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2" seatbelt webbing from The 2" swivel web clip is from Berkely The only place I found with a 2" Stainless clip. 1/4" eyebolts[also SS] and cut a piece of plastic tubing to 'shim' the bolt that goes through the pad for the foot bar. I'll probably stay with this setup, but might end up having the eyebolt upside down.



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The eye bolt is what we used. The Carabineer could cut the plastic so we did the eye bolt. Like the strap. Duffle bag shoulder strap...LOL
Much easier to put on/off. More comfortable laying your legs on it. In a river I sit on it while fishing, careful not to drift into deeper water. That was OK with my Waterstrider, with the closed front and I could actually use the oars. One more advantage when rowing full tilt. I'll explain when I post a report on my new Lite Speed Oars...well worth the $$

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