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Got mine last week but with the unsettled weather I have been unable to get it out on the water.
Tons of ideas.

Got the battery figured out.

Working on this boat is like one dimensional compared to other boats


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I have tried the rowing motion while on saw horses and it really isn't bad. Knees are bent and hands out side the legs, but being 6" thick you don't have to drop the oar as much. Small circles. Let you know on the water test.
Wow love the boat deflated !! that all the space look like it very to transport , hum make me think.. :) Blue can you post a video if you can , love to know how the boat handle 6" thick maybe interesting with big waves ;)...


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I am pretty sure I won't be wear Hippers on this one, but I have waist highs too and Board shorts...really looking forward to that. I will work on that. I ordered some white D rings from NRS. I have a trunk I want to mount behind the seat. So I can sit high or use it to help balance till I get use to it.
Yea it rolls up small!


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I got the glue yesterday so I got gluing. I had two Scotty glue on mounts. One I put in the back for my rod tree. I am happy now, I can haul more than one rod with no worries

Now for the Sonar. I glued a Scotty mount, then cut a block of wood. I attached the RAM ball mount and I can now move it out of the way of rowing.

The Transducer is fine where it is so I used another strap I have to make it custom fit.



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Got it out on the water today. Although different rowing position, very comfortable and required very little movement.
Super stable, and I managed to kneel on it, not brave enough to stand just yet plus it got pretty windy day.
I do sit out of the water but a little can splash up on seat. I love the boat and see a lot of great things in the future.

Pretty much does everything a pontoon does. And no reason I couldn't put a thicker seat for hip waders.
That looks so cool, didn't take you long to get it rigged for fishing. I wish I could think of good reason that I need one! I use to get sent to Ft. Lauderdale for work all the time, 2-4 week trips. Would go fish the sloughs around alligator alley for bass and it would be perfect for sneaking into the thousands of side channels that are untouched...maybe not with alligators around. A big cooler in the back to sit on might be the ticket: storage for the battery, extra clothes and portioned for food and drink. You could even mount a swivel seat on the lid: no need for waders, better sight fishing and comfortable....I'm trying to convince myself it would work for me! Nice addition to your 'fleet'.


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While it's definitely a different take, I'm not sure what niche it's trying to fill. Can you give me some insight as to what it's purpose is? I'm guessing it's supposed to be a hybridized paddleboard/toon. Am I close?


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I think so. Here I fish for Carp. They hang in 2' of water. I was able to sort of get out there last year but oars, and fins got hung up in the grass.
I thought that a SUP would be the perfect answer to this, add to this I also bow hunt. So while talking to Dave and Larry on their thoughts on this. I mentioned I still wanted the fin power on deeper water and understood, you can sit sideways on an SUP and use fins. Well, I guess myself and others started the wheels turning in Dave's head.
This is a pontoon boat. Does everything my Assault, Renegade, Predator...etc can do. Difference, I am sitting lower, which with adding a floatation square under my seat, I am now sitting where I was with the other boats. I can slide back and sit on a box so I am now higher to site fish. Or (with Time) stand and bow hunt.
Rowing looks awkward, but it really isn't. Knees are up and hands are to the side of the legs, but this just means small circles to row and it flies.
As I said, this is a pontoon boat, but also many other things in one. It is rockered.


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I like the looks of this set up and the modifications are well thought out. can't say I'm wild about the color, but that's a minor item. it looks like it will be a excellent lake boat and the motor option is a bonus.

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