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hook - Mustad 94840 #12
thread - MFC 8/0 brown
tail - golden pheasant tippet
rear hackle - grizzly (undersize by 2)
abdomen - ostrich herl gold
wing - hen hackle tips grizzly
hackle - brown/grizzly mix

mash barb, start thread at 60% (defines the limits of the abdomen) and wrap back to point above barb

measure a clump of pheasant fibers (hook shank); tie in (I put a wrap under the butts to set the proper angle), smooth butts and wrap thread to 70% mark

take a pair of hen hackle tips (= to gap width), put them together with the tips curving away from each other, measure for length (entire hook); tie in at 70% mark

trim butts, smooth with thread; pull wings up/back and wrap in front to set the proper angle (a little Sally at the base helps)

tie in (undersized) grizzly hackle ar tail, take a few wraps, trim and tie off

tie in some ostrich; twist around thread, wind forward to 60% mark and tie off

tie in hackles; wind, tie off, trim, SHHAN


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