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Kelly devised this fly in the late 70's for the hexagenia hatch (hence the name); change colors to suit your supersized mayfly hatch. Original had bucktail underbody, deer hair used here; your choice.

hook - TMC 5212 #6
thread - UTC 140 hopper yellow
tail - moose mane
underbody - deer hair yellow
overbody - deer hair
wing - calf tail
hackle - brown/grizzly mix

mash barb, start thread at 75% mark

clean, stack (good luck with this), measure (hook shank) a good clump of calftail

two soft loops, then really lean on it wrapping back (don't go in front of the initial wraps or all is lost); no place for wimpy thread here (UTC is the bomb), you don't want a spun calftail wing

trim the butts, brush a little Sally and smooth with thread wraps

push the hair up and back, creasing it with your thumbnail; make a thread dam in front with a few firm wraps

split, figure-8, post, lock wrap behind, post, lock wrap behind, Sally (apologies for the focus; tall wing exposes my camera's lack of depth)

invert; clean, stack a sparse clump of deer hair, tie in by tips and wrap back to point above (actually below in the inverted position)

flip it back over; clean, stack, measure (hook shank) some moose mane, tie in and wrap forward, creating smooth intersection with wing butts

invert again, pull deer hair forward keeping it on the underside, although it looks like the topside (confusing) and tie off at 70% mark

trim butts and return to the upright position (last time, promise)

clean, stack, measure (a bit past the bend) a clump of deer hair

tie in, keep the hair on top then continue wraps back towards the tail segmenting all the way, give a firm pull at the tail to flare the tips; return to the front with crossing wraps, trim butts

tie in hackles

wrap (get as many turns in as you can; this is a lot of iron and bushy is better); half hitch x 2, SHHAN



Off to the Beaverhead valley for some grouse counting; later


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Gotta love the pteronarcys.
Went shooting yesterday with my bro's 12 gauge. First Sacramento River Rainbow trout I've caught on my fly rod too.Took my own fly, a #8 Soft Hackle Salmonfly. Under a thingamabobber. Pretty cool hex.
Outstanding tying and teaching Scott. Thanks for taking so much time to teach great tying technique for tyers like myself that need to continue to expand our tying technique arsenal.

Best wishes,

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