Bamboo Gathering

David Loy

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Date: Saturday, April 26, 12 to whenever.
Location: Windermere Park (NE Seattle)
Directions: Head North or South on Sand Point Way to Windermere Drive (roughly equivalent to NE 57th Street). Go East at the light, go three blocks and take a sharp right on Ambleside (a three way intersection). Park is at the bottom of the hill. Follow the goose poop to the beach.

As stated earlier, anyone is of course welcome, there is plenty of room. My preference is low key (lazy at heart). There are a couple picnic tables. I'll make a large DO dump cobbler just cause it's fun, but don't plan on a feast. Any spirits need to be slightly covert. I'll bring a camp table & blanket for rod display. I can supply a large Weber & coals if anyone feels like grilling their catch.
Gary Knowles has threatened to cook something up. (We can hope.)

There is a long dock to cast from, and the occasional SMB to be had.
Looking forward to meeting you.
Can't wait, I am going to bring a 2wt and one I think I might rebuild. I haven't build a rod before, just wrap some guides. So I will have a lot of question.


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You guys do it? or is there a rescheduled date? I have no bamboo to offer but I could bring a couple of plastic rods in the form of the Sage 389 LL and 583 DS to persuade some :D to the other side...;)


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If you look under the bamboo section of this site, they didn't have it yet. Going to see in Aug. or Sept. to have it.
Sorry if being a pain, so the local Seattle get together has been postponed til Aug or Sept? Originally scheduled for the April 26th and last I read, unless I missed a post, was it would be hopefully held for a possible weekend in May. ???
If you go to the bamboo,fiberglass, classic reel forum of this site and look up beating a new drum. It is under there. But you are right, they didn't have it do to weather and wind. There are going to start a new post sometime in Aug. for a new date to have it.

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