Fishing on the Olympic Peninsula

I'm relatively new to Washington State and I need some advice on locations for river fly fishing, preferably on the Olympic Peninsula or in Eastern Washington if the Peninsula doesn't offer much.

Any ideas?


Chris Scoones

Staff member
Lakes: Gibbs, Mills, Crescent, Wentworth and a close enough to Cady.

Streams for trout: Elwha, SolDuc, Upper Quinault.

Steelhead: Elwha, Soleduck, Calawah, Hoh, Queets & Quinalt (winter & summer runs). Lyre, Hoko & Sekiu (excellent winter runs).

If anyone would like to add to this list please feel free.

To add to Chris' list, for lakes I also like Ozette Lake for Sea-Run and resident cutthroats, and the alpine lakes around the headwaters of the Graywolf and Dungeness for brookies and cutts. For steelhead streams I also like the Dickey, the Salmon, and Morse Creek, if you like small streams. There are many more trout streams, some of which are secrets, but for smallish trout in stunning scenery try the upper Duckabush, Dosewallips, Hamma Hamma, Graywolf, and Dungeness Rivers, the North Fork Quinault, and the forks of the Skokomish.

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