Steffen 7'0" 5wt. 3pc.


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For those who like shorter rods you should definitely take a look at this one! It has all the goods. It casts in close and has lots of reserve power. I found that a Rio Gold 5wt. was a perfect match. I've got a keeper!
Here are a few photos:

I've got a keeper! Colt
I am calling BS on that! Three weeks and I will be seeing this baby on the classifieds and you know it! :p
Just giving you a hard time. Beautiful work as always Colt!
I still have my 8' 4/5 Steffen that I haven't finished. That must be done before N. ID. summer cuttie action heats up!


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You know me too well! And while I truly think this Steffen 5wt. is an exception, you are partially correct in that I plan on listing my Steffen 7/8wt. 8'6" 4pc. for sale very soon. I have another, shorter 7/8wt. blank headed my way.

I have not tried Mark's 4/5wt. tapers, but I've heard really good things. The 8 footer seems like it could be a very versatile stick!


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