Float Tube Gone Flat

Hey all,
My trusty stillwater warrior got all mushy on me in the middle of Rattlesnake Lake on Saturday. Have any of you ever tried to patch a float tube? If so, what's the procedure? Is it like fixing waders--find the hole and slap some seam grip on it?

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Are you sure that there's a leak (can you see bubbles when you hold it under water) or could it be the hot air in the tube hitting the cold water in the lake and deflating the tube? I've had to blow up my tube the last two times out after being in the water for a couple of hours but there's no leak. Just the change in temperature softening the tube.


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The patching method depends on what sort of tube or bladder you have. If it's a rubber truck tire tube, use the conventional tire patch method; you can find a handy patch kit at any bicycle shop. If it's a vinyl or polyurethane tube, Seam Grip or Aquaseal applied to the hole, or better yet, with a small patch of the appropriate material. I've found that when one of the plastic bladders develops a leak it's most usually in or around the valve.

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